Available rental boats in Netherland, Friesland, Leeuwarden, Availability:

In our Availability Overview below you can see which boats are available. Select the month, the period (week, 2 weeks, shortweek, weekend, 12 days), specify the number of persons and find your boat. The selection criteria can assist in finding the appropriate model.
Different periods (Weekend XXL, 10 days, ...) please ask by phone +31-58-3010506 or by email.
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How does it work ?

In the availability overview the starting days of free rental periods are reproduced with a small square, you also can see the rental price. Is the square under the date empty, this startday is not longer available.

Starting day rental period - Starting day
Starting day Last Minute - Starting day special offer
Period rented out - not available
Select the period and the month in which you want to rent the boat, the available rental periods on our ships are reproduced in small squares with the rental price (Start days are Friday and Monday, for deviating rental periods please contact us). Have you found the requested period, click into the square beneath the date to start the reservation.
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